The Journey (Advice of Tipu Sultan by Iqbal)

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Frame material: Beechwood
Frame type:  Magnetic, hanging. 
Print type:  UD printing / eco solvent (washable)
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 Cotton canvas
Size:  A3

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1. Wooden frame (Top and bottom, each consisting of two wooden pieces and 3 pairs of magnets for maximum strength)
2. Printed Canvas
Note: Canvas may be wiped clean or hand-washed. Gentle handwashing doesn't affect the print quality. 


This poem was written by Allama Iqbal when he visited the mausoleum of Tipu Sultan.  According to a tour guide

"... Allama Iqbal prayed the Asr Salat in the mosque on the west side of the mausoleum and came to join the Fatheha on the graves of Tipu Sultan, his father Haidar Ali and his mother who lie side by side in the mausoleum. Then Allama toured the graveyard surrounding the mausoleum to learn about the other relatives of Tipu Sultan buried there. Allama Iqbal then sat close to the mesh screen engraved in black marble and set in the wall on the south side of the mausoleum. He sat silent for a while, then he started to cry silently with tears flowing down his cheeks, and there were some sobs also which he could not control. The old guide was also in tears as he recalled the visit.

He further said: Allama opened his little bag and took out his scribbling pad and wrote something on it and left along with his companions who had accompanied him.


The Testament of Tipu Sultan

If you traverse the road of love, don't yearn to seek repose or rest:
If Layla be your companion close that litter shun with great contempt.

O streamlet, onward flow and get transformed to torrent strong and deep:
If bank is e'er on you bestowed, Abstain, flow on with mighty sweep.

Don't lose your bearings in this world because with idols it is full:
The assemblage here can cast a spell, disdain, or strings of heart shall pull.

Gabriel on Creation's Early Morn, a piece of useful counsel gave:
He bade me not accept a heart enchained by mind of man like slave.

Untruth conceals in various masks but Truth and God are both unique:
There can't be pool 'twixt good and bad—This fact is known from times antique.

Translated by: Syed Akbar Ali Shah
سُلطان ٹِیپُو کی وصیّت
تُو رہ نوردِ شوق ہے، منزل نہ کر قبول
لیلیٰ بھی ہم نشیں ہو تو محمل نہ کر قبول
اے جُوئے آب بڑھ کے ہو دریائے تُند و تیز
ساحل تجھے عطا ہو تو ساحل نہ کر قبول
کھویا نہ جا صَنم کدۂ کائنات میں
محفل گداز! گرمیِ محفل نہ کر قبول
صُبحِ ازل یہ مجھ سے کہا جِبرئیل نے
جو عقل کا غلام ہو، وہ دِل نہ کر قبول
باطل دُوئی پسند ہے، حق لا شریک ہے
شِرکت میانۂ حق و باطل نہ کر قبول!