Be fair even if it hurts (English)

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  Frame material:  Beechwood
Frame type:   Magnetic, hanging. 
Print type:   UD printing / eco solvent (washable)
Print material:
  Cotton canvas
Size:   A3

What's in the box?  
1. Wooden frame (Top and bottom, each consisting of two wooden pieces and 3 pairs of magnets for maximum strength)
2. Printed Canvas
Note : Canvas may be wiped clean or hand-washed. Gentle handwashing doesn't affect the print quality. 

Be fair, whoever it is. Notice that it's not about equality vs equity, it's about justice vs injustice. Unprivileged should be supported and may be favored at times but that's itself to allow fair play. No bias or favoritism is allowed if it gets in the way of justice. 

"Believers! uphold justice and bear witness to God, even if it is against yourself, your parents or your close relatives. Whether a person is rich or poor, God can best take care of both." 4:135

ََ ََ َُّ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ ََ َََََََََََََََََََََََََََِِِِِِِِِِِِِِ ََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََََ. 4: 135.

O you who believe! Be steadfast in justice, and bear witness against Allah, whether it be against yourselves or against your parents or relatives, though the wealthy. Yes, or needy, Allah is more benevolent to them both.