Barakah (source of all imaginable n unimaginable good)

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Frame material:  Plastic with glass

Frame type:  Hanging 

Print material: Luster Card

What's in the box? 

1. Frame (four-sided with glass)

2. Print on card sheet


Productivity, efficiency and performance are some of the buzzwords of our fast paced world today. Abundance and felicity aren't as common but still used as worthwhile goals to strive for. The tagline for  Peter H. Diamandis's book titled 'Abundance' says:  Providing abundance is humanity’s grandest challenge—this is a book about how we rise to meet it.A few words explaining the subtle differences between these words:

Efficiency is maximum output with minimum waste. Productivity is the quantity of work produced by a team, business or individual. Performance is how someone does what they they do. Put another way, productivity is the measure of the efficiency of production whereas performance  deals with the way in which someone functions to accomplish something successfully. In a nutshell, efficiency is about resources, productivity about output, and performance about 'how' it was done.  Abundance is having more. Felicity is about true happiness.  If there is one word which encompasses the goodness of all these words and much more then it would be ' barakah'. If Allah blesses something with barakah, it is bound to be good beyond all our metrics. 

A perfect frame to hang beside your work or study table to remind you to ask Allah for barakah. Because if you have it, you've got everything.