When it comes to wall art, conventional wisdom is mostly wisdom-free

Wizdom Kingdom is an effort to change that..

We saw people hanging everything from wedding photos to abstract art to handcrafts and calligraphy on the walls. But quotes were seldom displayed, or exchanged as gifts. As lifelong students of knowledge, we could never understand why someone would prefer abstract beauty over life-changing wisdom. And as self-motivated entrepreneurs, we wanted to find a way to replace that empty conventional taste of décor with something more productive and inspirational. Something that would be just as hangable and giftable as any other piece of art with the additional benefit of education and character-building.
We focused on 6 key elements when building our Kingdom


We found many quotes wrongly attributed to historical or religious figures that were circulated on social media and nobody bothered to check their authenticity. While a wrong attribution is wrong in any way, it’s more dangerous when a quote is attributed to a religious figure. We made sure that every single quote we select was authentic.


A quote never fails to impart wisdom no matter how old or oft-quoted it is. Yet, we realized that some quotes were quoted and re-quoted while others were not even explored or made known. As bookaholic, we would often come across a quote that made us jump and want to shout it out to the world, wondering where this quote has been all along.
For example, we couldn’t find a better definition of ‘abstinence’ or ‘shun-the-world’ theory than this hadith:
"Abstinence in the world is not about prohibiting the lawful or neglecting wealth, but it is that you not hold more firmly to what is in your hand than to what is in the hand of Allah, and that you be so desirous of the rewards that come with an affliction that you wish that it remains." (Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2340)
The depth and wisdom behind it just blew our mind away. For years, we just collected these quotes, printed them and stuck them on the wall. But it’s more enjoyable when you can exchange them as gifts and discuss it with your friends.


The Islamic wall quote landscape is mostly dominated by calligraphy. The most insightful verses are written in such a way that sends the mind solving the puzzle of the curves rather than understanding and absorbing the wisdom behind it. And that too, if the person stops to solve it in the first place. We wanted to write quotes in such a way that truly serves the purpose of stimulating the mind and igniting the soul, rather than being just another décor.


Though there are many websites where you can search quotes according to topic, there is none that offers as wide and ready-to-hang variety in such a neat categorized way as ours. If you want to give a gift to your friend on their wedding for example, you would be hard-pressed to either scour the net for hours, hire an artist to design it for you or make it yourself. We want to make the process of quote-buying enjoyable and quick. Now, whether you have recently moved into a new home, are looking to decorate your bare office walls or want to send a condolence quote to your cousin on her mother’s death, you can find appropriate quotes in just a few minutes and get it delivered to you or that person in one day or less.


We have a collection of 50 quotes ready and some 200 in the pipeline. Our purpose is to reach the 1000 quote target so we have something for everyone, everywhere and every occasion.

Environment and Social Impact:

By employing local processes and materials and preferring paper over plastic in our packaging, we hope to make this venture a win-win for all.

So that’s our story. We have just started and are trying our best to improve every single day in all aspects of value-addition. If you have a particular quote that you would like us to design, don’t hesitate to contact us. We don’t offer customized quote designing service but would like to add that quote in our pipeline quote list.

Learn and enjoy :)